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Hai-O Nurtures Multitude Of Successful Malay Entrepreneurs


Saturday, April 4, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 (Bernama) -- Despite the economic downturn, Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd has managed to nurture a multitude of highly-successful Malay entrepreneurs in the competitive direct selling industry.

Through its 100,000 multi-level marketeers with 95 percent of them comprising Malays and Bumiputeras, the Chinese traditional medicine company has proven that it is still possible for entrepreneurs to succeed amid the tough economic conditions.

The entrepreneurial spirit among the members is high and they want to achieve success on their own efforts, said Tun Musa Hitam, co-chairman of the Malaysia-China Business Council.

"They see success staring at their faces. They can succeed without government assistance or without any incentive or subsidy."

"Given the opportunity and coupled with their competitive spirit, they can succeed," the former deputy prime minister told Bernama recently after attending the Hai-O Diamond Awards Night.

Hai-O, with 75 percent of its revenue from the direct selling business, was among the 13 Malaysian companies which made it to the Forbes Asia's fourth annual "Best Under A Billion" list.

This was the second successive year that the company was in the list.

To help the entrepreneurs, Hai-O provides guidance in planning, marketing and product sales as well as incentives like Umrah and holiday packages.

Musa said that many did not know that majority of the successful Hai-O entrepreneurs are teachers and housewives.

"The high level of success of the company came from the active involvement of housewives, and the women in particular," he said.

Such a spirit needs to be emulated especially by Chinese entrepreneurs whereby Hai-O's success in direct selling concept or multi-level marketing initiated by its founder Tan Kai Hee has been reaped many times over.

"Hai-O's success story in nurturing so many Malay and Bumiputera entrepreneurs should be told to the public," he said.

"To Chinese entrepreneurs, I hope they emulate Hai-O in using their business acumen and experience to guide ordinary Malays in direct sales and in the process foster the entrepreneurial spirit in them," he said.

Musa said this was a crucial and meaningful contribution in the national context and the people at large in joining hands to achieve success.

Such a spirit of cooperative entrepreneurship singled-handedly done by Tan is unique. With his initiative, he has opened numerous business opportunities and contributed immensely to the ordinary rakyat, he said.

Among them is Siti Rohana Yusoff, a crown diamond manager (CDM) who has been in the business for five years and now earning a five to six figure monthly income.

"At the start I did it part-time due to my busy schedule as a teacher. After a year and a half, I saw that prospects were good and decided to stop work and do it full-time," she said.

Rohana said the economic slowdown has not affected her business and has received many requests from many people who want to become entrepreneurs like her.

In the beginning, it was difficult to change people's perception about multi-level marketing, but patience and determination and a sense of never giving up despite the odds finally brought her success.

Providing a business tip for multi-level marketeers, she said it was difficult for women to ignore products they relate to health and beauty.

"From then, I started my venture and have arrived here today with the encouragement of my husband," said Rohana, who received a special award at the Diamond Awards night.

Although the country's economy has slowed down, it has not in any way affected the MLM business.

On the contrary, more people are wanting to become multi-level marketeers and entrepreneurs in view that people now need more money.

Another entrepreneur, Samiah Parman, said she personally tried the products offered by the company before deciding to enter the business.

"The products, especially the +Body Beautiful+ product, were effective.

"My success began with the marketing strategy. I gave them a choice either to become distributors or entrepreneurs. As a result, I was able to nurture some 20 CDMs in Kuala Kubu Baru alone," she said.

At the Diamond Awards night, Hai-O recognised 171 Diamond Sales Managers (DSM), 47 Double Diamond Managers (DDM) and 29 car fund achievers.

Against such credentials in MLM, Hai-O is now ready to spread its wings to neighbouring Indonesia.

Tan, who is also Hai-O's group managing director, said the company expects to open its Indonesian branch by end of this month and has targeted to register 5,000 members in the first six months.

"We will provide an opportunity for free registrations to attract more people. In addition, we will hold several workshops to introduce our products," Tan said.

Looking ahead and to expand its business in Malaysia, the company planned to launch new products in the skincare, health food and household categories, he said.

Asked whether Hai-O was keen to explore other markets in the region, Tan said the Malaysian and Indonesian markets still have big potential for growth.

"We are committed towards nurturing our entrepreneurs. At this point, the Hai-O entrepreneurs have shown encouraging performance," he said.


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